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Duck Farming Services

Duck Farming Services

In nature duck is a water bird. Man has domesticated the wild duck, and by selective breeding and are removing it from its natural habitat, has produced strains which he uses for both meat and egg production.


They say that ducks are the “new chickens” – it seems backyard farmers all over the country are beginning to enjoy the pleasure of keeping ducks. Our ducks are all different breeds because I enjoy variety and I like being able to tell them apart….and because there are so many great breeds I couldn’t choose just one!


Among various species of poultry, ducks are sturdy and prolific in nature. Indigenous ducks of our country constitute more than 90% of the total duck population and the second largest species contributing towards egg production in India. Duck rearing is still in the hands of poor rural farmers, who depend mainly on ducks for their livelihood and employment.


Advantages of Duck Farming Over Poultry

  • Ducks do not require any elaborate housing and less attention than chicken as compare to poultry.
  • Ducks lay about 40-50 eggs more than chicken.
  • Ducks are quit hardy, more easily brooded and are resistant to many avian diseases.
  • Duck rearing is economical as compared to chicken by virtue of their feeding habits of foraging.
  • Accurate data of egg laying can be recorded for breeding purposes without wastage of time and labour.
  • The down and small body feathers of the ducks are valuable and used for different industrial purposes.
  • Because of comparatively more heavy, duck eggs provide more nutrients per egg than chicken egg.



Egg-type Breed of duck

  • Khaki Campbell
  • Indian Runner
  • Buff
  • Welsh Harlequin
  • Magpie


Meat-type Breed of duck

  • White Pekin
  • Muscovy
  • Mallard
  • Rouen
  • Saxony
  • Swedish
  • Aylesbury


Ornamental-type Breed of duck

  • Crested White
  • Cayuga

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